About us
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About us

The most important principle that we never abandon is of high quality.

Zenen’s story began in 1986 in the name of Dodan Tekstil. Since then, the company has expanded its business in the construction sector, the livestock industry, the agricultural sector, and medical devices production, but Zenen never abandoned dedicating itself to the fashion industry. Since 1999 and 2008, the company has reinforced its fashion-minded position with Shendel and Sophene brands, respectively. Today, Zenen Tekstil exports its products to 45 countries, 60 cities worldwide and became a major supplier of world-renowned brands.



Sharing the era’s modern mentality with a strong commitment to gender equality, ethical values, and sustainability, Zenen aims to lead transforming the women’s apparel industry.



Zenen is hardly implementing the World Health Organization’s measures for workplaces. Hygiene rules, physical distancing, and regular cleaning are requisite and carefully applied.


Additionally, we initiated a new medical device brand, Kopy-Med, in March 2020 to supply medical products all over the world.